Spider Control

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Spider Control

Spiders can be a huge problem for some people and even pose a safety hazard. They can squeeze into tight spaces with ease, and are generally hard to get rid of. Most spiders are not dangerous or harmful to humans however, they can be a nuisance when they invade our homes and make it an unsettling environment to be in. Encountering a spider infestation can destroy the level of comfort you attain in your home. Arachnids are most active at night, which means that you can find them in dark corners where they can spin webs and create nests for their eggs.

Choosing the experts at R&D Pest Services is one of the best ways to quickly deal with an infestation. Our friendly professionals are properly equipped with the right tools and skills to correctly identify the type of spiders in your home, evaluate the severity of the problem, provide appropriate solutions and follow up with visits if necessary for pest prevention.

How To Identify

Some of the top indicators that you may have an infestation of spiders in your home are webs covering holes or dark corners, live or dead spiders around the property, egg sacs, molts, unexplained bites, excess flying insects, and more.

California is home to a large number of different species of arachnids. Some of these spiders are venomous and pose a health risk to the elderly, young children, and those with compromised immune systems. It’s not always easy to identify which spiders are venomous and which are not. This is where the professionals at R&D Pest Services step in to help. After over 30 years of dealing with troublesome spider infestations in California’s residential communities, our experts have learned a thing or two about spiders and their behaviors.

Below is a list that will help you identify the common arachnids found in Southern California’s communities.

  • Banded Garden Spider - This type of spider is found in 28 parts of the United States and can be a mixture of orange, brown, black, yellow, white, and silver. It is typically found from September to October and can occasionally be found indoors.

  • Beach Wolf Spider - Found in just 2 areas of the country, this spider can be brown, white, tan, or gray. Typically spotted in April, it is typically spotted inside, but it can also be found outside.

  • Black Widow Spider - The Western Black Widow is typically found outdoors during May. With a combination of colors, such as black, orange, red, brown, white, and tan, it isn’t as deadly as people are led to believe.

  • Brown Widow Spider - This spider is typically found from the months of March to April. A combination of black, orange, red, brown, white, gray, or tan, it has potentially dangerous venom and is often mistaken for a common house spider.

  • Cross Orb Weaver Spider - Found in 16 states across the country, the Cross Orb Weaver Spider can be a mixture of brown, tan, red, orange, white, red, and yellow. Usually spotted in October, this spider usually has a black area on its abdomen that’s framed by L-shaped brackets.

  • Gray House Spider - Found in Oregon, Hawaii, and California, the Gray House spider may make an appearance in February and April. This spider can be black, white, brown, tan, or gray.

  • Huntsman Spider - The Huntsman spider is a very common spider to spot in Southern California. Typically found indoors from the months of March to May, it can have a leg span of up to 5 inches. With a bite that is akin to a bee sting, it is not very venomous.

  • Long-legged Sac Spider - Found in 28 different states, this spider is often spotted in April and May. A mixture of tan and yellow, the long-legged sac spider is usually found indoors and was originally thought to have a dangerous bite. However, further research showed this was not the case.

  • Silver Garden Spider - Also known as a “Silver Argiope”, this spider can be a mixture of brown, orange, tan, gray, white, silver, red, or yellow. Typically found outdoors, they can usually be found on their web.

  • Tropical Orb-weaver Spider - This spider can be found in 5 different parts of the country and is most prolific during the months of March and April. A mixture of black, orange, brown, green, gray, yellow, tan, and white, this spider is typically found in its web.

  • Woodlouse Hunter Spider - Spotted in 30 different states, this spider can be found indoors. Most prolific during the month of May, it can be a mixture of orange, gray, red, and tan.

If you’re still unsure about the type of spider you have in your home, please feel free to contact us today. We can expertly identify the species of spiders and use an effective solution to properly eliminate them.

Effects Spiders Can Have on Your Property

Spiders are one of the most commonly sighted household pests. Although spiders are seen to be entirely negative in and around our homes, one benefit they provide is eating other bothersome pests such as earwigs, moths, roaches, and more contributing to the alleviation of the spread of disease caused by these insects.

Some downsides to hosting a shelter for these pesky arachnids are that venomous or not, they bite, spider webs have a negative effect on the visual appeal of your home, and if you have an infestation of spiders in your home, it may mean that they have found a reliable source of other insects to feast on.

About Our Spider Control Services

Dealing with a spider infestation on your California property can be incredibly difficult but with the help of our professional spider control services, you can rest easy knowing that nothing is crawling around your home. Our experts at R&D Pest Services take your best interest to heart and work with you throughout the spider control procedure. The highly qualified pest control technicians are eager to restore comfort to your home by putting their knowledge and skills to good use.

Although we cannot guarantee you won’t encounter another infestation in the future, our technicians will do their best to perform preventative maintenance on your property as well as provide you with insightful advice and measures to help prevent a spider infestation from returning.

Why Choose Us?

With over 30 years of experience and several high-grade qualifications backing our services up, the talented team of spider control experts at R&D Pest Services does their absolute best to provide your home with effective treatments and a wonderful customer experience. We understand how bothersome an infestation of any kind of pest can be and how detrimental it is to your comfort and stress levels. Our experts know how anxiety-inducing the sight of multiple spiders in your home can be so we make sure to provide comfort by turning our high-level skills and techniques into effective solutions to properly deal with a spider infestation.

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