HOA Pest Control

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HOA Pest Control

Our dedicated team of pest control experts at R&D Pest Services specializes in working with residential HOAs to deal with single or multiple pest infestations among a residential community. Because of various pest control regulations among residential communities with an established HOA, R&D Pest Services provides incredible solutions that follow these guidelines and are tailored to the severity of the residential community’s pest issue.

As an established family-owned pest control service provider with many years of experience backing us up, we know how quickly a pest infestation can spread from one home to another causing substantial damages as well as an unpleasant living situation for many within the residential community.

We work hard to provide some of the highest-quality pest control services around the Inland Empire and San Diego region. Our effective solutions help home and business owners alike regain control over their properties and maintain a healthy atmosphere. The level of expertise that we bring to the pest control industry is unlike many others. Both co-founders Dave Fox and Rick Ellis each boast over 35 years of first-hand experience and possess degrees in entomology and chemistry from the University of California. Because of this, we are able to integrate science into our work that is otherwise inaccessible to our competitors. The application of this knowledge among other things allows for the altercation of solutions to meet the necessary level of potency and toxicity for your situation.

Residential HOA Pest Control

Well-established residential communities can be tight-knit and great for social interactions however one problem resides with the neighborhoods we inhabit, pests. Because of one homeowner accidentally leaving food scraps and trash out that attracts pests, they can spread rapidly to other homes, jumping from house to house until an entire residential community is infested and troubled with these bothersome and harmful insects or rodents.

This is where the experts at R&D Pest Services step in. Our team works well with residential HOAs to restore a community to its once serene and pest-free environment. Through our tried and true science-backed treatments, our crew of pest control technicians will inspect the area looking for sources and administering the proper solution based on the severity of the infestation.

We offer comprehensive full-service pest control solutions for residential HOAs that help keep communities healthier, and pest-free. When it comes to our pest control services in Residential HOAs, our solid protocols goes as follows:

  • Assessment - The qualified technicians on-site will explore the infested area and determine the severity of the issue as well as points of entry.

  • Recognition - Our team will quickly identify the type of pest and their behaviors, document any information necessary to provide more effective solutions.

  • Communication - In which we report our findings as well as the intensity of the situation and discuss with clients in detail the measures we’ll have to take to take care of the infestation.

  • Treatment - After carefully planning an effective method of treatment, we will thoroughly administer processes to break down the infestation at its source.

Why Choose Us?

Since 1988 R&D Pest Services has provided valuable pest control solutions to the residential and commercial communities in Southern California. Our highly-trained and dedicated technicians take pride in their work and adhere to services that boast a satisfaction guarantee. Our in-depth knowledge of entomology and chemistry outcasts our competitors and allows our team to provide more personalized treatment to your pest infestation.

We love what we do because we believe the benefits our services provide stretch across the region. Helping home and business owners properly deal with infestations in order to minimize property damage and avoid pest-related health issues. No matter the size or severity of the pest infestation, our team is here for you and cares about the well-being of you and your property.

Here at R&D Pest Services, we specialize in properly dealing with pests such as ants, spiders, bed bugs, rats, cockroaches, crickets, mice, and other bothersome insects and rodents. Depending on the gravity of your pest infestation, our technicians will use their expertise in the pest control industry to craft a comprehensive solution. We strive to be a valuable asset to your pest control mission.

When it comes to ants, our technicians provide an indoor-only protocol to deal with the colony in the most effective way possible. In addition, our team has a unique “outside-in” pest control approach to other pests meaning we work from the outside of your property to the inside in order to provide a less invasive experience. We do our very best to administer eco-friendly pest control solutions from the outside of your home or business so that our technicians don’t have to enter the inside of your property.

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