Earwig Control

Tired of pesky earwigs invading your home or garden? Keep them at bay with these effective tips for earwig control.


Earwig Control

R&D Pest Services expert earwig infestation control and removal services are available for residents in San Diego and The Inland Empire. Our team of skilled technicians is professionally trained, knowledgeable, and experienced in pest control. They can provide treatments that are effective for both commercial and residential properties. The team will evaluate your property including the number of earwigs, the location of their nest, and other situations to come up with a plan that is best for you.

Earwigs are common insects that can be found in your home. They often live under the floorboards of your home, which is why they are commonly referred to as “underground pests”. The earwig life cycle is completed within three to six months, and females lay 40-50 eggs at a time. These eggs can hatch in as little as three days after they are laid. If you think you have earwigs or other bugs in your house, consult our team of professionals for help with treatments and procedures.

How To Identify

Earwigs are naturally attracted to moist and humid areas so you will commonly find them outdoors after recent rain however these nuisance pests will not hesitate to enter your home if they find it fit to do so. If they make their way into your home it’s usually because the condition of their outdoor environment has changed making it unsuitable to live in.

Earwigs are brownish in color with long narrow bodies and pinchers on the back of their abdomen. Depending on the species, some earwigs can be winged. Earwigs are typically just under an inch in length and aren’t very harmful.

Although they aren’t the most pleasant sight to encounter in your home Earwigs aren’t aggressive and won’t bite however they can use the pinchers on the back of their abdomen to pinch which can be painful but won’t break the skin.

Detecting an earwig infestation on your property can be difficult unlike many other insects, Earwigs aren’t very social and don’t tend to gather in groups, and don’t have a queen. Because of this if you start noticing Earwigs in your home it may be a good idea to check under piles of leaves or rocks outside to see if you come across more Earwigs.

Effects Earwigs Can Have On Your Property

Earwigs may give off the appearance of a dangerous bug because of the size of their pincers found on their lower abdomen however this is a misconception because the most they can do is grip your finger if bothered. This pinching may cause minor discomfort but very rarely breaks the skin. Earwigs are not venomous and don’t have a stinger.

The biggest issue an Earwig may cause to your property other than its unpleasant appearance is damaging your garden due to them enjoying feasting on plants and flowers. Earwigs aren’t something to be afraid of in your home however they aren’t the most attractive looking creature in the world and can damage the overall appeal of your property.

The myth that they crawl into your ears and enter your brain to lay eggs is entirely untrue.

Get these intimidating looking pests off of your property today with the help of our professional Earwig infestation control services offered in the Southern California areas.

About Our Earwigs Control Services

The pest control specialists at R&D Pest Services proudly offer Earwig infestation control services. Our tried and true methods of gaining leverage over these aggressive looking insects will benefit the appeal of your home or commercial establishment. Whether you are in need of help determining if you have an Earwig infestation on your property, to begin with, or can’t seem to locate where they are coming from, our expert technicians are here to help.

For over 20 years our professional pest control technicians have dealt with infestations of Earwigs. We know where to locate them, how they behave, and exactly how to effectively treat an infestation of these pests. We hope to become the number one pest control service provider near you by having our attentive and knowledgeable technicians perform proper procedures to control infestations.

Why Choose Us?

Here at R&D Pest Services, we do our absolute best to provide consistently high-quality job performances day in and day out. Our goal is to provide more residents and commercial property owners with honest, effective, and professional pest control treatment that they can rely on.

We believe in the entitlement of a standard of comfort that you should have in your own home. Our professional Earwig control services will allow for the swift restoration of relief and happiness in your home due to the recent eviction of these revolting pests.

Our technicians bring their A-game to every infestation. With years of experience and qualifications to back them up, they are sure to provide effective methods of pest control to get these pesky Earwigs out of your home. We aim to provide the highest quality services as well as excellent customer experiences.

Don’t let Earwigs take over your home choose R&D Pest Services to help fight back!

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