Ant Control

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Ant Control

Ants can be a major nuisance when a colony invades your property and can be tough to remove. This is where the helpful professionals at R&D Pest Services come in to help. For over 35 years we’ve delivered effective, industry leading treatments to deal with troublesome ant infestations within your home or commercial establishment. When it comes to dealing with invasive colonies of ants, no one handles it quite like the pest control experts at R&D Pest Services.

Our low-impact green approach to managing insect situations like ant infestations coupled with our superior knowledge of insects and dedication to providing value to our wonderful communities allows us to be one of the leading pest control service providers in California. We thank you for taking the time to learn more about the ant removal services we have to offer and hope that this information provides some helpful insight for the removal and future prevention of ant infestations in your home or business.

How to Identify an Ant Infestation

Although ants don’t try to sneak around you they can be hard to spot sometimes because of their size especially if you own carpet. Ants are typically found near pantries, garbage, or other sources of food that have been left out. Identifying whether you have an infestation of ants is typically easy as long as they are in these open areas.

Here are some signs that you may have an ant infestation on your hands.

  • A large number of live ants scurrying around the kitchen or other locations where food can be found.

  • Pathways of ants; Certain ants can emit a pheromone throughout their trail that attracts other ants to follow to find food.

  • Nests; ant hills are usually easy to spot as they are typically a small pile of dirt however, some ants nest in walls or other dark places which can be difficult to detect.

If you encounter any of these signs in your California home or commercial property and can’t seem to get any of those fad home remedies to work, call the professionals at R&D Pest Services to make quick work of the issue.

Effects Ants Can Have on Your Property

Aside from being an unsettling sight, some ant species can do a surprising amount of damage to your California property and your health. For example, the carpenter ant uses its strong mandibles to chew through wooden walls and framing to excavate tunnels or nests to raise their young. Fire ants have painful stings that inject a venom that for most only causes minor skin irritation and itchiness however some may experience more serious symptoms. If you don’t get ants quickly removed from the premises early on, they will spread to other areas of your home to search for additional food sources. With the vulnerability in your home, other pests are likely to show up which can be an even more difficult and expensive process to get rid of.

When you notice an influx of ants in your home or commercial establishment don’t ignore them, try to locate the food source they’re after and remove it immediately. Ants are incredibly perseverant when it comes to obtaining food from your house. If you don’t get rid of armies right away they may build a nest and colonize your home! If you feel like you’re constantly battling ants it’s time to turn to the professionals at R&D Pest Services to make sure they are properly treated and dealt with.

About Our Ant Removal Services

R&D Pest Services operates locally in California and boasts over 40 years of experience getting rid of even the most stubborn ant infestations. Our highly-qualified and skillful pest control technicians are well-equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to properly deal with ant infestations in the residential and commercial setting. Our talented pest control technicians specialize in the management and removal of ants and other pests looking to cause harm to your home or dig into your food.

Our licensed technicians will expertly inspect your property for ant nests to decipher the best possible approach to effectively treat the situation and regain control over the infestation. We proudly offer incredibly high-quality ant removal services paired with a wonderful customer experience for an affordable price. Don’t continue to waste your money on ineffective store-bought remedies, let the professionals at R&D Pest Services handle it the right way. We take a low-impact approach to our pest control methods this involves the use of eco-friendly products instead of harmful chemicals and pollutants.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose R&D Pest Services to service your California property and perform effective ant removal processes you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing a friendly professional is taking careful steps to ensure proper containment and removal. We approach most pest infestations from the exterior where the source is usually found and avoid the use of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) entirely.

Our expert technicians want the best for you and your property so we work with your best interest in mind by performing valuable services for competitive prices! Our service-oriented technicians are here to help in your time of misfortune so you can enjoy the comfort of your own home once again. We put your satisfaction at the center of our work so you can count on us to get the job done properly.

R&D Pest Services aims to continue growing our solid reputation among the California communities by continuing to consistently provide high-quality effective ant removal services that will not only treat the property but educate you on what you can do to help prevent future infestations of any kind! When you need a reliable, caring, and trustworthy company to get rid of an ant infestation in your home or commercial property look no further than R&D Pest Services.

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