Poway, CA

The wonderful city of Poway, California is known for its vast open lands. Not only is Poway a beautiful place to live and work but it’s also located in the heart of San Diego County. Poway, much like other cities in and around Southern California is home to many different species of pests that if enticed will gladly move into your household or commercial property. Pests such as ants, roaches, crickets, rodents, and others are quick to use your Poway property as their new form of shelter when conditions are desirable.

Pests can have numerous harmful effects on your home or business such as the introduction and spread of harmful bacteria and diseases, structural damages, damages to foodstuffs, and more! It is the job of a responsible home and business owner to address pest issues immediately to maintain a good look and a healthy environment for you and other occupants.

Many homeowners turn to cheap storebought options which will at best temporarily reduce the number of pests that are immediately visible in your Poway property. A better and more efficient way of dealing with an infestation is by choosing the team of pest control professionals at R&D Pest Services to properly service your home or business in order to manage and remove the infestation. Our team takes a unique eco-friendly approach to pest control treatments that are not only effective but save time and money.

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