Fontana, CA

The beautiful city of Fontana, California is known for its large number of sporting and recreational festivities. The city gets its name from being in close proximity to the Santa Ana River. Fontana is Italian for fountain. Because of the city’s rich culture, historical background, and many speedways, Fontana, California sees many tourists each year. Because of the desirable weather conditions and close proximity to water, pests are not uncommon in residential and commercial communities.

Like many places, infestations of pests are seemingly a common occurrence for homeowners and businesses around Fontana, California which makes many question the effectiveness of storebought countermeasures. The fact is that professional pest control treatments administered by qualified experts will always produce better results than home remedies or storebought traps and gadgets. That is why the skilled pest control teams at R&D Pest Services take pride in their work and love providing value for the Fontana, California communities.

As a responsible home or business owner in Fontana, California, when you suspect an infestation of a pest such as spiders, ants, cockroaches, rodents, or other troublesome creatures, it’s crucial you get on the phone with a knowledgeable team of pest control professionals right away. R&D Pest Services has provided high-quality pest control services since 1988. Our team knows how many pests behave and where they tend to build their nests or colonies. When you choose R&D Pest Services to expertly treat a pest infestation on your property, you can rely on our methods and techniques. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Don’t hesitate to give our incredible team of pest control professionals at R&D Pest Services a call today at (909) 476-1381 to learn more about our effective pest control services offered in Fontana, California, and its surrounding cities.