“Dave comes every 2 months. We now have no worries about ants. He always calls and lets us know when he is coming. He encourages us to call if we have any problems before his next scheduled visit. He’s friendly and reliable. It a local company and would highly recommend”

Linda B.

on Angie's List

“Called R&D pest services after home remedies for treating ants failed, and wish I had called them sooner! Cezar called me back to discuss options and set a time (next day) to come out and look. When he arrived, I showed him where the issues were and he thoroughly explained what types of ants we had and what he was going to do to treat. Very professional and answered all my questions! Within 24 hrs. ants were gone! Excited to continue this service.”

Sara K.

on Yelp

“I have used R&D Pest Services for general insect control for more than five years. Dave comes out every other month, looks for dangerous spiders, reassures me about spiders that aren’t dangerous, and makes sure we never see any ants. I have a dog and kids, and my favorite thing about R&D is that I can always be confident that their treatments will only keep the insects away and not hurt other wildlife, including the ones in my family.”

Casey D.

On Yelp

“When we purchased and moved into our home in 2002, we had a terrible ant problem. We had ants EVERYWHERE! We called R & D Pest Service and immediately after the first treatment, the ants were gone. We have them come every other month to service our home. We have not had an ant inside our home since the very first treatment in 2002.”

Shauna C

on Angie's List

“We love R&D Pest Control. We have been customers for 6 years. They have definitely solved our pest problems. They are very sensitive to my children’s play area. They are reliable and friendly. They always answer our questions and we feel we receive very personalized service. “

Erin Z.

on Yelp

“We have used R&D for over 10 years and have NEVER been disappointed! Originally I contacted them due to an ongoing ant problem… they got that under control IMMEDIATELY! I realized the other companies I used just put a “Band-Aid” on the ant issue – and with R&D, I have NEVER had an ant invasion again! Highly recommend!”

Debbie G.

on Google Reviews

“Superior and effective solution especially for pesky ants! External treatment application that really works. I have been a loyal and satisfied customer for many years. We recently moved into a new home and R&D took care of an ant problem immediately. A great company that really cares!”

Colin C.

on Google Reviews

“I had a really bad ant problem. After calling R&D, the ants disappeared from the inside of the house and the deck! We’ve lived here for over 30 years and it’s the first year I can remember that we haven’t had an ant invasion of some sort. These guys are fabulous. They call before they come, spray only outside and are always friendly — even with the dog! They leave a detailed report about where they found colonies of ants or spider activity. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

Deborah J.

on Yelp

“We have been using R&D Pest Services for several years and we literally haven’t seen a single ant inside the house since the initial service when Dave A. came out to treat the area. Dave is super knowledgeable about all types of pests, the products R&D uses, and is very personable and professional when on-site at our home. A few times we had more urgent issues (rattlesnake, raccoon), Dave was quick to respond and offer invaluable advice beyond the normal service. I would highly recommend R&D for pest control – it has been a great experience with this company!”

Rob W.

on Yelp

“I was referred to R&D Pest Services by long time neighbors that have used this service over a lengthy period of time. Just as they have been, so too am I very satisfied with the outcome and professionalism of this outfit. It is great to know that if I have an unexpected issue the service technician will respond quickly and make an additional visit”

Julie C.

on Yelp

“Great customer service, trustworthy, on time, responsible and reliable. Reminds me of customer service from the good old days. Definitely recommend.”

Lori C.

on Yelp

“We first used R&D 13 yrs. ago after we purchased our first home. We have since moved several times and they have moved with us. We trust our home to no one else, R&D offers great service and prompt attention to any need we may have. They are also very informative about what type of ‘pests’ are common at which time of the year. We would definitely recommend R&D to our friends and family.”

Katty S.

on Yelp

“Extremely professional, courteous, and they get the job done. Very easy to get in touch with, and you always get a call back from your technician the same day. Our tech Mark was excellent. Just the best you could ask for. We battled ants for a year or more. They would come and go, and then always come back. We tried to manage it ourselves with outdoor sprays and indoor bait traps. They still came back. R&D had to make a few trips out to our place – which per Mark they typically can get rid of the ants in 1 visit – but, we finally won the war and the ants are now gone. So thankful for R&D for all of their help & services.”

Acasey R..

on Yelp

“I highly recommend this company. Paul showed up on time and explained every step of the process. He also explained the causes of my pest issues and what I can do to help the situation. “

Kamri M.

“A family friend recommended me to R&D Pest Services for the ant problem I encountered in the new home I purchased. I made my appointment and sure enough they were on time which is a huge pet peeve of mine. The technician was very professional and helpful. I’m glad I made the decision of calling R&D and I would recommend any family member or friend to them. “

Arath D

“Highly Recommend them. Everyone I have dealt with is very professional and friendly. Always make contact with me to let me know they are here and to see if I have any areas of concerns. I have the bimonthly service so I don’t have to think about calling them for an appointment”

Charlene M.

“I have used R & D Pest Services for almost 3 years now & have been very happy with their service. I have them come to my house every two months & have not had any problems with insects or critters since they started. They watch carefully for spiders (my own particular fear & dislike!) and treat any sign of them. I highly recommend their service.”

Judith S

“We had a major spider problem in our backyard and with a new baby and indoor/outdoor dog, I wanted them all gone asap. R&D Pest Services was the company that called us back and worked with our schedule and situation to get it taken care of. They walked around my yard and showed me where areas of concern were and how to avoid spider clusters in the future. Our problem is now gone and we keep it that way by the monthly service. Makes a huge difference! Love the customer service.”

Katie D

“Too easy!!! After our initial meeting they took care of everything else. Other than paying our bill the only other interaction we have with them is if we happen to be home or come home while they are taking care of our property. We have not had any pest issues either. Great guys, but they are virtually invisible as they try not to impact your day with their work. They will get the job done and you barely know they are there. Awesome.”

Chris C.

“I called R&D based on their Yelp rating. I found that they were every bit as good as they were rumored to be. They inspected my property, advised me on what to change to not have the problem reoccur and took care of the infestation. They have my highest recommendation. “

Duane G

“I had been unsuccessfully trying to control a serious ant problem with store-bought baits and Raid. I found R&D through Google. Dan serviced the home, and the ants were eliminated almost immediately. Doing bi-monthly service and haven’t seen an ant in my kitchen since. Excellent service! Professional, timely, friendly, and best of all — ant killers! Highly recommend “

Laura F.

“100% professional and quality work! They showed exactly at the appointment time, were courteous and professional. I felt the quality of the work was great, we have not had any bugs or ants return after they sprayed. The gentleman who serviced our home also gave me tips and guidance on ways to help keep bugs down around the home. I learned a lot. Planning to use them next time. “

Jennifer Z

“I had an ant problem that I had tried to spray myself and it seemed that the ants were immune to the spray. They just kept coming! I called R & D pest services and I was so pleased that I did not have to talk to a machine! The customer service was great! The technician called within a half hour and I explained about the ants and spiders. Gave directions & made the appointment to come in a couple of days. The technician was prompt. Came and sprayed my house and within a couple of days ants and spiders gone! It was money well spent “

Carol B

“We used the service for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Customer service was great, and Dave arrived on time for the appointment. We have had lots of ants for the last several years (inside but mostly outside), but our past experiences with pest companies did not solve the problem. Dave was very knowledgeable and professional, and remarked that he had never seen so many ants around a house! By the time he left, the ants were gone and they have not reappeared since! I consider this a small miracle. We plan to have him come back every 2 months to make sure the ants don’t reappear. Highly recommend this company!”

Kitty K.