Residential HOA Pest Control

Ants are by far the most common and persistent pest of homeowner associations. Our approach to ant control is far different than the blast-away power-spray technique!

Ants are effectively controlled with a baiting program. This is a food-based granule that the ants carry back to the nest, resulting in true control at the source of the problem. Compared with insecticide spray programs, we also notice many other benefits:

  • Instead of being chased into structures by a spray, ants are often drawn back out by the bait.
  • Control is frequently extended well beyond the areas treated, since ants will forage from surrounding areas, creating a larger buffer zone between re-invading colonies.
  • Baiting for ants is considered a least-toxic control technique compared with use of insecticide sprays or granules, since baits generally contain lower amounts of relatively less toxic active ingredients.

Other crawling insects are controlled using directed applications of low-volume insecticide spray to entry points (such as doorways) and harborage areas (such as water meter boxes and utility closets).

Equipment and materials: Only backpack and compressed air sprayers are used for insecticide application. Noisy, high-volume power sprayers are never used. Bait is applied carefully by hand. Only insecticides that do not leave behind a normally perceptible odor are used on the complex.

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