Pest Control Ontario, CA

Imagine you are about to go to bed, tired after a full day’s work. Moments before you fall asleep, you hear a scream from the other room.

You quickly get up and inspect the situation. Someone from your family spotted a spider in their room. Now everyone in the house sits awake until you manage to remove the spider from your house, but the night is ruined. This can happen on numerous, unannounced occasions, so sleeping easy will not be an option unless you turn to a pest control professional.

Pests In Ontario, CA

Living in the Greater Los Angeles Area has its perks, like the warm climate. In fact, pests feel the same way. Whether it be colonies of ants or spiders weaving out hammocks in your property, the warm weather means they are also looming around.

Despite spiders being cold-blooded - meaning they don’t particularly enjoy hot weather - they prefer to stay indoors since that’s where their prey lies. It is true that spiders enter diapause, a slowdown state that kicks in at the same time hot weather does, but that’s when they wait for other insects on their menu to emerge. Since most victims in their food chain prefer warmth in order to mate, spiders strategically place themselves around your house to also keep their fangs active.

Most spider species are not as threatening as pop culture myths have made them appear throughout the years. But that doesn’t mean they can’t become dangerous if they feel threatened. Some species are extremely poisonous, such as the Black Widow or the brown Recluse spider. Other species often found in Ontario, such as house spiders, jumping spiders, daddy-long-legs, and wolf spiders are mostly nuisance pests, but the thought of these creepy crawlies waiting to attack at any time, anywhere in your house, is unnerving.

You may also encounter ant colonies around food sources. If you think you can manually get rid of one colony…the bad news is it’s not the last you’ll see of them, as their “workers” come in very large numbers. The most commonly found ant species in Ontario are carpenter ants, black ants, odorous house ants, thief ants, and pharaoh ants. You may also encounter pavement ants, which tend to nest indoors and outdoors, beneath places you would never think to look. Ants can compromise your food and you don’t need that many housemates. R&D Pest Services will get rid of them if you call us at (909) 476-1381 or fill in the contact form provided on our website.

About Our Pest Control Services

Finding the perfect pest control professionals is time-consuming. At least it was until now. What sets R&D Pest Services apart from our fellow pest technicians is the sweet spot we offer when it comes to price and quality. Our services are not only affordable, but our expertise will save you the hassle of fearing the pests might return, or if we might not return in case your problem still persists.

Our pest control technicians are very well-trained and detail-oriented. With enough experience under our wing, we will be extremely thorough in reducing your pest infestation. We know the behavior of pests like our own, so you can be sure that no spider or ant colony will outsmart our trained professionals.

Affordability, friendliness, and skillfulness is what makes customers recommend R&D Pest Services for well over 30 years. We will pick up your calls day or night and treat your pest problem like it was one of our own. Because after all, once you leave it to us, it becomes our problem…and the one thing we’re best at is solving pest problems.

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