Pest Control Encinitas, CA

Encinitas is a beautiful beach community which not only attracts tourists but a whole lot of pests too. Home and business owners commonly find pests like ants, spiders, and other insects on their properties.

Some insects like black widow spiders and Argentine ants are so stubborn that your do-it-yourself pest remedies don’t work. You only end up with repeat infestations primarily because spiders return if you have insects at home.

And unless you practice ant control and get rid of other insects, complete spider control isn’t easy.

So if you are tired of ants or spiders encroaching your business and you’ve finally decided to take action, R & D Pest Services can help.

We are here to help you and your family and clear all your pest issues. Along with 100% satisfaction pest control, we also offer a seasonal protection plan to keep pests away.

We provide our neighboring Encinitas and San Diego County families and businesses with the best protection against pests. Our team of experts is fully licensed, insured, and bonded for commercial property and residential pest control.

So call us today at (858) 487-4779 or visit our website at to schedule a free inspection and receive an estimate of your pest control job.

Pests in Encinitas

Ants and spiders are the most common pests in Encinitas. And while the more than 700 ant species across the United States behave similarly and are easy to get rid of, a few exceptions require targeted pest control.

At R & D Pest Services, we know all about the different ants and their social behaviors and structure.

Ant colonies comprise workers, reproductives, and the queen.

It’s the workers that leave chemical pheromone trails for other ants to follow up on finding a food source. The winged reproductives are less invasive, but if you notice them around, it means they are trying to infiltrate your property. Some ants not only invade your home but may also create satellite colonies that go unnoticed and cause damages after some time.

Spiders are generally harmless and help by eating insects. They aren’t naturally aggressive and bite only if disturbed. But female spiders produce egg sacs with time, some with the potential to make more than 4000 spiders in a lifetime! Besides, there are also some species like black and brown widows that potentially threaten humans.

That’s where R & D Pest Services can help.

We are experienced and know all types of effective spider control methods.

And it doesn’t matter what type of ants you have at home. We also offer effective ant control measures to eradicate any problematic ant colonies.

About Our Pest Control Services

R & D Pest Services has been serving the people of Encinitas for more than 33 years now. As a local family-owned and operated pest control company, we understand the pest problems the people of Encinitas face.

R & D Pest Services is the dream project of Rick Ellis and Dave Fox, former university researchers who have also worked with integrated pest management technical trainers.

They have practical experience in the Southern California pest control industry and are today one of Encinitas’s highly trained and most effective pest exterminators.

We offer inspections in addition to interior and exterior pest treatment plan for your home and commercial property. Our exterminators will identify the problematic regions to eradicate the pest problem from its source.

We offer a complete spider and ant control program starting from ant treatment to effective spider control. Our pest control services comprise of:

  • A comprehensive inspection of the whole perimeter of your premises

  • Close monitoring of all the pests and pest activity

  • Composing an IPM program based on our findings

  • Using eco-friendly products that are children, pet, employee, and client-friendly

  • Treating all cracks, crevices, bushes, and shrubs on your property

  • Conducting a thorough inspection of interior harborage regions and access points

  • Applying an internal barrier to deter pests and setting up traps and baits for various insects

  • Treating your home to limit repeat infestations through the year

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R & D Pest Services has been providing top-quality pest control measures to the people of Encinitas since 1988. Our commitment to effective pest control and optimal customer service has made us one of the top pest treatment services in the region.

We offer competitive pricing for our quality of pest removal, with flexible payment options. And depending on the location, we also provide same-day pest removal services, with 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.

We aim to provide you with complete peace of mind through regular pest services. Our technicians periodically visit your premises to look for, identify signs of a pest infestation and eliminate them before they expand. We come back if the pests come back for no additional cost.

Call us at (858) 487-4779 or visit our website at to schedule a free inspection and receive an estimate of your pest control job.