Pest Control Chino Hills, CA

It doesn’t matter if they are swarming on your floor, crawling on your bed, marching across your kitchen counter, or just nesting in your yard. Ants are the longest living insects, that just keep coming back, no matter how many times you smash, wipe or sweep them!

We at R & D Pest Services know how irritating it is, which is why we offer the best pest control in Chino hills. Our pest control services include ant control and spider control, two of the most common pest infestations in most homes.

We don’t just get rid of all the ants and spiders in your home. We take the extra measures to ensure they don’t come back to keep your home pest-free.

So don’t worry if you have a spider or ant infestation.

Let the professionals R & D Pest Services take care of your pest removal and put an end to your frustration once and for all! Visit our website today for a free quote. Or call us at (909) 476-1381.

Pests in Chino Hills

Chino Hills is the place for you if you are looking for everything you want from metropolitan living. This bustling suburb located just outside LA offers residents a close-knit community, well-maintained parks, great schools, and local businesses.

Chino Hills makes the perfect spot for both families and individuals’ homes. Besides, its steady warmth through the year with minimal rainfall makes it perfect to spend time outside.

However, these conditions also attract pests of all kinds, something no homemaker wants.

And it doesn’t matter how clean you may keep your home, it’s common to find ant colonies springing up from nowhere. And crazy spider webs around your home only create the impression of a poorly kept place!

Pests in Chino Hills don’t spare your businesses and commercial establishments either! That’s why it becomes our business once you find pests in your business.

At R & D Pest Services, we know that ant and spider infestations spring up suddenly, creating havoc both at home and at your business. We want to keep your business functioning as normal, and your home pest-free for your family.

We work efficiently and quickly at getting rid of all types of pests. We take pride in treating and clearing all residential and commercial spaces to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

About Our Pest Control Services

We at R & D Pest Services are dedicated to providing the best pest control services to the communities of Chino Hills. We are a trusted name in the pest removal industry, someone you can depend on for effective pest control.

We don’t just get rid of pests for you. We do it while keeping the welfare of your family and pets in mind by using environmentally friendly green products where possible.

Our business goals include:

  • Developing and maintaining cordial relationships with all our customers

  • Providing the best, top-quality service to each and every customer

  • Our technicians serving you with optimal character, honesty, and integrity

We follow a proven pest removal formula that has made us a leader in ant and spider control in Chino Hills.

  • We send our trained pest exterminator to your home as soon as our customer service representative gets your call.

  • Our technician conducts a free thorough inspection of your premises to assess the extent of the infestation.

  • It’s based on the extent of your pest infestation that we come up with a complete and effective ant and spider control plan.

  • With the plan ready, the next step lies in setting the pest control solutions in motion.

  • Our plan typically involves using the best and safest baits or repellents to keep pests away from your home.

We don’t just get rid of pests. We also provide ongoing maintenance. Our technicians will make periodical visits to your home as we know pests always keep coming back.

We use, and show you the best pest prevention methods that keep your Chino Hills home free from spiders and ants throughout the year.

Call Us Today For A Pest Control Consultation

R & D Pest Services has been helping the people of Chino Hills get rid of pests for 33 years. We have over the years set a standard in providing optimal customer services and are the most effective pest control company around Chino Hills.

Most of our services come with a 30-day guarantee and we are proud of offering competitive pricing, with flexible payment options. Our same-day pest removal services come with 100% customer satisfaction.

We offer monthly and quarterly interior and exterior pest removal services to keep pests away. We have no contracts to sign, and you don’t even have to wait for a call-back. Someone is always available to answer your call.

Call us today at (909) 476-1381 or visit our website for complete integrated pest management solution and effective pest control measures in Chino Hills and Rancho Cucamonga.