#1 Ant Control San Diego

Ant control around homes and businesses is our specialty. We pioneered an outdoor-only approach to eliminating ant infestations over 20 years ago, and have continuously perfected our least-toxic technique ever since.

Most other companies will insist on applying insecticides indoors to stop an ant invasion, and will usually spray baseboards and cabinets and even apply insecticide dusts into wall sockets. All of these are almost always unnecessary with our ant control approach. We use materials which take advantage of the ant’s natural behavior and biology to carry the control agents to the nest, where they infect and kill the colony.
Your R&D technician will carefully identify the ant species before they start and customize a strategy accordingly. In most cases, we will focus our efforts exclusively on the exterior, which is almost always where the ant nests will be. In the rare occasion of ants nesting in the structure, our techs may suggest a gel bait application to cracks and crevices not accessible to kids or pets. Even then, you won’t need to vacate your home or office or empty your cabinets.

Our landscapes create an ideal home for many common ant species, and ants will inevitably try to re-invade from the neighboring areas. Often it makes sense to keep the ants at bay with one of our preventive programs once we have gained control of the original invasion. It’s usually much easier and more convenient to keep them away than it is to start all over when the next invasion occurs!

Every R&D tech is trained to inspect and treat as much of your property as is necessary to achieve excellent control over your ant problem. We are not, for example, limited to any artificial 20-foot-from-the-structure policy. Your tech will also be hunting for wasp nests, black widows, and earwig (pincher bug) and cockroach harborage, and treating for these other pests as needed. Every service is completely guaranteed to your satisfaction!