Green Pest Control

Protect your home from unwanted invaders with our green pest control solutions. Our team uses effective yet gentle, all-natural treatments that won't harm your family or pets.


Green Pest Control

R&D Pest Services was a green company long before “green” could describe a company. We have never used truck mounted power sprayers, and instead have pioneered the use of our own custom-designed backpack sprayers to minimize the amount of chemical used. From day one, over thirty-five years ago, we have combined the use of baits, traps, and other least toxic alternatives as part of our service. Skilled and highly trained technicians are a critical part of R&D’s green approach. All our techs carry two licenses beyond the basic applicators license within a few months of hire – very few (if any) companies can say that. Each tech is trained to carefully diagnose your pest problem and propose as many potential solutions as possible, starting with the least invasive. Many pest problems (pantry moths and beetles, for example) can be solved with no pesticide at all. At R&D, solving your pest problem is our primary goal, so the solution we choose must work! Many so-called “green” products are mostly or completely ineffective, which leads to a frustrating experience for you (and us!). When a treatment doesn’t work, we’ll send a truck to your door over and over again until it does – and that doesn’t sound very green to us! Instead, we focus on using just enough of an effective material with the right low-volume equipment to do the job right the first time. We utilize our considerable backgrounds in scientific research to sift through ever changing “new and improved” products and techniques to find the right solution, and it will always include our 100% – Effective guarantee.


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