When bugs or rodents invade your most personal space – your home – it often makes sense to seek help from the experts. The materials experts use are almost always less invasive and more effective than those available over-the-counter. Well beyond that, our training and experience allows us to solve even the most difficult pest problems quickly. But how do you choose which company to allow into your home and yard?

As you make your selection, consider these key factors:

  • Do they have a least-toxic, least invasive, green approach?
  • Do they carefully identify the problem pest before recommending a course of action?
  • Do they offer non-chemical solutions whenever possible?
  • Do they shun the use of large-volume power sprayers?
  • Do they utilize custom designed low-volume equipment?
  • In general, does their approach seem like a “thinking-man’s” approach?
  • Do they fully guarantee the results to your satisfaction?
  • Do they provide a hand-written service report with every service?
  • Do they bring over 30 years of experience to your home?
  • Are their technicians friendly, polite and knowledgeable?
  • Do their techs carry two licenses beyond the basic applicator’s license?
  • Do the owners have UC degrees in Chemistry and Entomology?

At R&D Pest Services, we answer YES to all these questions! We will give you the personal attention that you would expect from a family-owned business, because that’s who we are. Yet you’ll also get the expertise, professionalism, and problem-solving ability that you would only expect from a much larger corporation. Most of our new clients are referred by customers who are delighted by our service. Find out for yourself why so many of your neighbors trust us with the protection of their homes from pests!

We offer a pest prevention program to fit every need.


This is usually determined by how well maintained the yards are which border yours and whether you have a persistent problem with a particular pest…especially ants.


Only you can answer this one. Will the sight of a single spider or earwig send you running for the phone? … or can you comfortably live with an occasional insect visitor?

  • If your pest pressure is high, or if your tolerance for pests is low (or both!)… Choose Zero Pest
  • If your pest pressure is moderate and you have a moderate tolerance for pests… Choose Target Pest
  • If your pest pressure is low and your tolerance is high… Choose Outside Pest


Zero Pest

  • Preventive service, once a month
    ( 12x per year)
  • Free extra visits for pests covered
  • Reduced rates for additional services
  • 25 point checklist
Target Pest

  • Preventive service, once every other month
    ( 6x per year)
  • Free extra visits for pests covered
  • 25 point checklist
  • Our most popular choice for ant prevention!
Outside Pest

  • Preventive service, once per quarter
    ( 4 X per year).
  • 25 point checklist.