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Since 1988 R&D Pest Services, Inc. has been on the leading edge in delivering low-impact, highly effective solutions to pest problems in homes and businesses. We pioneered the “outside only” approach to solving ant invasions in structures, and our penchant for innovation has kept us on the forefront in ant control, spider control, and general insect and rodent control. How do we stay ahead of the rest?

Co-founders Rick Ellis and Dave Fox bring an expertise rarely found in a pest control company of any size. Both are former university researchers and have worked as technical trainers in integrated pest management. Each has over 25 years of hands-on experience in the Southern California pest control industry. Combine this experience with degrees in chemistry and entomology (study of insects) and it’s no wonder R&D produces the finest, most highly trained field specialists using the most effective techniques in pest control.

Watch our video about our pest control strategy and philosophy:

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